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 +====== VoiceEmail ======
 +{{:​iii_block_help:​voiceemail.png?​nolink |}}
 +The block //​VoiceEmail//​ will playback a pre-recorded sound file to the caller, play a beep, and then send the message recorded by the caller to a list of e-mail addresses. Supported sound file formats are PCM //.wav// and //.mp3//.
 +===== Settings for this block =====
 +  * **Label:** An arbitrary label to help identify the block.
 +  * **Sound File:** The sound file you wish to play.
 +  * **Email Addresses:​** The e-mail addresses to send the recorded message to. Can be up to three addresses separated with a comma (no spaces allowed).
 +See [[ii_examples:​call_queuing|Example using Voicemail]]
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