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 +====== RecordCall ======
 +{{:​iii_block_help:​callrecord.png |}}The block //​RecordCall//​ starts a voice recording of the call until hangup, then emails an .mp3 file with the recording to up to 3 specified email addresses. Optionally a pre-recorded message (//​Pre-Announcement//​) can be played to the caller before the recording begins. Only one recording can take place per call, if multiple RecordCall blocks are passed by a call then only the first block will start recording.
 +//*We advise users make themselves aware of respective laws in their jurisdiction before recording calls.//
 +===== Settings for this block =====
 +  * **Label:** An arbitrary label to help identify the block.
 +  * **Email Addresses:​** The e-mail addresses to send the recorded message to. Can be up to three addresses separated with a comma (no spaces allowed).
 +  * **Pre-Announcement:​** The optional audio file to be played back to caller before recording begins. (.mp3 or .wav format)
 +===== Simple Example =====
 +In this example if Joe Blogs misses a call, then the call will be forwarded to John Doe but Joe Blogs will receive a copy of the conversation via email as an audio file. 
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