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 +====== NotifySMS ======
 +{{:​iii_block_help:​notifysms.png |}}The block //​NotifySMS//​ sends an SMS text alert to a specified phone number (//SMS Number//). The main content of the SMS will be the block label followed by the call details.
 +//* SMS rates can be found our [[/​rates#​section_83|call rates page]] with country prefix SMS.//
 +==== Settings for this block ====
 +  * **Label:** An arbitrary label to help identify the block, also included in text alert.
 +  * **SMS Number:​**The phone number to send the alert SMS to (international format)
 +==== Simple Example ====
 +In this example every time Joe Blogs misses a call he will receive an SMS notification,​ then the call is transferred to John Doe. 
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