The block Graph is a counter which increases every time a call hits it. The counters name is taken from the block Label. To start graphing no special configuration is required, just connect a graph block anywhere you need call counting. The resulting graphs can be viewed on the Call Analytics page.

Settings for this block

  • Label: A text label used identify the block AND THE COUNTER.

*caution: all separate Graph blocks with the same label are treated as the same counter.

Simple Example

A small business phone line has a menu, “press 1 for sales, press 2 for support”. The manager would like to see how many callers 'press 1' and how many callers 'press 2'.

The Graph block is connected to outputs 1 & 2 of the Menu block, these respective outputs are taken when 1 or 2 is pressed by the caller. Every time a call hits either graph block the counters 'Pressed 1' or 'Pressed 2' are incremented. For your convenience every Number block will have a built in counter, so all calls to number +448444123456 are counted automatically.

The plotting on the call analytics page will look something like this.