* ATTENTION THIS BLOCK IS BETA (Check the beta menu to find this block) *

The CallSwitch Block facilitates switching call path and can be controlled using a simple phone app. The CallSwitch block has two outputs, using the phone app you can view which output is active and change which output is active.

To give an example: CallSwitch could be used for selecting which member of staff is currently 'on call'.

To use CallSwitch from your mobile you will need to install the CallSwitch app.

Settings for this block

  • Label: An arbitrary label to help identify the block.
  • Legend Open: Text displayed on the app when the switch is open.
  • Legend Closed: Text displayed on the app when the switch is closed .
  • Switch State: Current switch state (open/closed).
  • Key Code: The key code required by the mobile app to access this block.

Connecting CallSwitch to your mobile.

Prerequisites: A CallSwitch block must be part of your 'call map' shown in the web browser. You will need to have a data connection active on your phone.

  1. In your web browser make sure you have clicked 'Apply Changes' and your 'call map' is saved (we call this 'view mode').
  2. In your web browser double click on the CallSwitch block you want to use.
  3. In your web browser select the 'Mobile Access' tab. It will look something like this;

  1. If not done already you need to download and install the phone app (see below).
  2. Open the app and click 'Add'.
  3. In your app enter the 'Key Code' by hand or scan the QRcode using your phones camera.
  4. You should now be able to control CallSwitch from your phone.

App Download

Currently we only have an app for android phones.

Installation (Android 4+).

Simple Example

This example shows a CallSwitch block used to switch between two members of staff “on call”; Jack and John. The image on the left shows the app view, the image on the right shows the browser view. When the CallSwitch is 'open' calls will be routed to John, as shown below. When the CallSwitch is 'closed' calls will be routed to Jack, as shown below. The switch is performed on the phone by clicking the large app button, then save. The current 'state' of the block is indicated on the browser by a change of icon colour. Note that updates from the app will take a little time to update the back end systems (so don't expect the screen icons to change immediately).