Using Extensions

DEPRECIATED replaced by User Extensions - follow this guide instead

Example using extensions.


Alice and Bob run a small business but are always out on the road, so they employ an office Secretary to take their calls. Sometimes the Secretary needs to consult them when chatting to clients, or transfer client calls on. Since their secretary is often doing her nails or chatting to friends (and not her job), they also want to receive call information when she's “indisposed”.

Here's how it works

Clients call the number +4484441234567 and get connected to the Secretary. If the Secretary is not available a voicemail is taken and a copy is emailed to the Secretary, Alice and Bob. If the Secretary receives a call Alice or Bob can be consulted at any time by dialing ** followed by their extension code, for example **200 will place the called on hold and connect to Alice, the call will automatically return to the client when Alice hangs up (or the Secretary presses *#). If the Alice wants to talk to the client (while they are on hold) then the Secretary simply hangs up the call.

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