Small Building Tutorial

This document provides a small tutorial you can follow to familiarise yourself with building call flows.


TIP! - The Help button on the top left of the workspace also includes this tutorial.

Step 1 - Edit Mode.

Click on the Edit button at the top of the workspace. You are now in Edit Mode and ready to start building, notice the palette which appeared on the right side of your workspace, these are your 'building blocks'..

Step 2 - Starting Point.

Choose a Phone Number from the palette on your right; this is the starting point for incoming calls. Using your mouse, drag the block marked with '#' next to it onto the workspace - your workspace will look like the figure below.

TIP! - You can move the workspace by dragging the background with your mouse.

Step 3 - Say Something, Anything!

On the right expand the category Building Blocks by clicking on the title. Drag the block called SayText onto the workspace beside your number. Notice the border is blue, this means parameters need to be set. Double click on the block to open the configuration form. In the field Text Message to Say: Enter desired text eg, “Thank you for calling. We appreciate your custom” and Click Save. Your workspace will now look like this.

TIP! - Every configuration form has a Help button with information about that block.

Step 4 - Get Connected

Next, using your mouse, pick up the output (red triangle) of the Number block and drag it to the input of the Say Text block. Your workspace will look like this.

TIP! - Red connectors must be joined, orange are optional.

Step 5 - Make it Live!

Next, click Apply Changes, this will activate your new PBX. Wait for the progress bar to complete (or click continue and wait a minute), then call the number (which you placed on the workspace) from your phone, Magic!

Step 6 - Re-Building

Click Edit again to change your design. Note that your live PBX is not affected until your click Apply Changes (click Cancel to revert to your original PBX). Select the connector between the two blocks by clicking the left mouse button, the connector will become green when selected. Press the Delete key on your computer and the connection disappers. Blocks can be deleted in the same way. Select the SayText block and delete it. Now try re-building your PBX to mimic the figure below !

TIP! - If you click on the Block title label you can change it's name.

Step 7 - Playground

Now you can play, blocks can be connected in any order - Have Fun! (Don't forget that each block has individual help)

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