Business Call Forwarding

Business Call Forwarding is a common requirement if you run a small business. You need to present customers with a single number for contact and using Call Forwarding has many advantages over sharing a fixed line or mobile number. The service provides an ideal solution for Business Call Forwarding.

Advantages of Business Call Forwarding

  • Hide personal contact information
  • Share different contact numbers
  • Be prepared for staff changes
  • “Find me” call routing
  • Don't worry about changing phone lines

Hide personal contact information

A simple Business Call Forwarding can be used to hide your personal mobile number.

Share different contact numbers

Sharing different contact numbers can be useful for several reasons. You may want to measure calls on a certain number (for example numbers used on adverts), you may want to publish several local numbers (to be perceived as having a presence in each area) or you just want to separate calls for private clients and the general public.

Be prepared for staff changes

Sometimes new staff join the business and you can share the load

"Find me" call routing

Use features like call hunting to find which number you are on.

Don't worry about changing phone lines

You can re-route your calls whenever you like, there's no need to worry about changing numbers between providers.

Business Call Forwarding Management

You only need a web browser to manage your Business Call Forwarding. The service uses the most advanced and user friendly control panel of any online Business Call Forwarding.

See screenshots of how it looks in a browser

Business Call Forwarding Features

The service uses special feature blocks to control your Business Call Forwarding. Click through each one below to see how they work.