Special ‘work from home’ offer during covid-19 crisis

To help businesses work from home we’re offering 6-month free migration of any existing business phone number to callbrix. (normally €4.99 per month, migration usually takes 24 hours) .
If you need an additional local phone number for a covid-19 information line we will also provide that 6-months free of charge (normally €4.99 per month).
** see below for conditions that apply

Main benefits

  • Answer calls anywhere (calls can be answered by those working at home).
  • Rapid 24 hour migration to the cloud. No loss of service.
  • Connect your teams together with virtual VoIP phone extensions.
  • Provide information lines for staff and customers to keep them posted during the covid-crisis.
  • Many other features to improve your customers experience (smart routing, out of hours, call queuing, auto-attendant, call recording etc..)
  • 24/7 easy to use self-service control panel (no waiting for support staff to make that change!).

If you have questions contact us on tel: 0818229500

Helping Your Business Fight Covid-19

Right now the Covid-19 crisis is forcing many businesses to change the way they work. Staff need to stay isolated and work from home.

This is particularly tricky if your business is not used to remote working.

One of main problems a business can face with remoter working is their phone number.
It’s tied to a phone socket at their premise…where the staff aren’t!

But we can help.

Did you know it only takes 24 hours to move your business phone number away from a wall socket and into the cloud ?

This gives your business phone numbers total flexibility (and usually saves money too!)

For example;

  • We can keep your remote teams connected with dedicated home office phone extensions, separate from any personal lines.
  • You’ll get smarter management of calls, that can be answered by anyone working at home.
  • You can change call routing yourself online 24/7.
  • or plugin useful features like ‘out of hours’ and ‘call queuing’ to improve your customers experience.
  • And if you need it, it takes minutes to set up a dial-in covid-19 informaton line.

Total cost of ownership

You will only pay the cost of any calls or text messages (1 incoming phone line).

A 1-line callbrix system with 1 migrated local phone number would normally cost €4.99 per month, plus the cost of any calls or text messages. You can have as many extensions/users as you like.  Under this offer the €4.99 per month fee for the migrated number is waived for 6 months. Calls to, and between,  VoIP extensions are free of charge. Calls or diversions to regular phone numbers are charged a per minute fee – see rates . If you wish to increase the capacity of the system to handle more than 1 incoming phone line at a time, then each additional ‘channel’ is €5.99. You will not be tied to a contract. You can find full pricing information here

Offer Conditions

  • Applies to newly assigned numbers only
  • One number migration per account
  • One additional local number for an information line per account
  • Our normal account terms and conditions also apply



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