Example – Wendy’s Webshop

Wendy has a website where she sells garden gnomes in Ireland and the UK. Wendy knows the web is a wary place to shop; she wants to put a contact number on her website to increase buyer confidence.

Here’s what Wendy needs.

  • A phone number in the UK and Ireland.
  • A phone menu system that helps callers find what they want (press 1 for returns etc..)
  • To collect callers information and a voicemail, because Wendy does not actually want to talk to callers!

Here’s how CallBrix solved it for Wendy.

With CallBrix Wendy got two phone numbers, one for the UK and one for Ireland. Wendy connected the numbers to a menu with professional recordings giving her the image she wanted for her company. Wendy asks customers to use the website for support but she gives the option of leaving a voicemail which she receives as an email attachement. Wendy also setup a VoIP (Voice Over IP) phone which connected into her CallBrix cloud to give cheaper international calls.



What Does Wendy Pay

Only €4.99 per month plus any outbound call costs.

Wendy pays €4.99 per month for the UK number (there are no forwarding charges). The Irish 0818 number is free with her CallBrix account. She pays for any calls she makes with the VoIP phone she connected to the CallBrix cloud.

Here’s some other benefits for Wendy.

  • No forwarding charges for the UK number.
  • Call tracking she can use in targeted ad campaigns.
  • Cheap international calls so she can talk to suppliers in China and customers in the UK.

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