Example – Start-up Suzy


Suzy is starting a new business, she really needs to keep overheads down. She’s sometimes at home and often on the move. Suzy wants a dedicated business number that can follow her around.


Here’s what Suzy needs.

  • A low cost option.
  • A phone number that rings her home line, then her mobile if she’s out.
  • A professional work voicmail service.
  • A way to know the call is a ‘work call’.
  • Suzy is happy to use her mobile or home line for making calls, she’s not looking for an outbound phone line.

Here’s how CallBrix solved it for Suzy.

With CallBrix Suzy created two extensions, one for her home line and one for her mobile. Then she connected her extensions together and added a voicemail for when she can’t take calls. Suzy used the ‘whisper’ feature to recognise a ‘work call’. It took Suzy about five minutes to get set up, watch the screencast to see how easy it was.

What Does Suzy Pay

Nothing monthly, just her call forwarding costs.

Suzys’s CallBrix account is free and includes the 0818 number so she does not need to pay anything monthly. Whenever a call is forwarded to her home line or mobile she is charged a small per minute fee.

Here’s some other benefits for Suzy.

  • She can change things whenever she wants with a few clicks
  • She will have no headaches when she moves her business from home as everything is in the cloud.
  • She receives her voicemail to her email, so there’s no need to dial in.

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