Example – Sally’s Small Office

Sally runs a small office with 4 staff and needs a business phone system with an extension for everyone. Sally wants to be able do all the things you can do in a big firm like ‘hold calls’, ‘transfer calls’ etc..

Here’s what Sally needs.

  • An office phone number for reception.
  • A direct phone number for her which can reach her mobile when she’s out.
  • 5 desk phones in the office.


Here’s how CallBrix solved it for Sally.

Sally installed five VoIP (Voice Over IP) phones in her office and connected them to the CallBrix cloud. The phones work like any big office phone solution, with call hold and transfer etc.. She has 2 Dublin numbers, one directly to her extension, the other for reception which pages a group of extensions in the office.

What Does Sally Pay

Only €27.96 per month with 30 mins free calling every day.

That’s €9.98 per month for the 2 Dublin numbers and €17.98 for CallBrix with 2 channel capacity and 30 mins free calling per day to landlines. Sally pays for any calls which fall outside the bundle.

Here’s some other benefits for Sally.

  • Cheaper calls.
  • One of her staff works part time from home, she brings her desk phone home and it works as if it’s in the office.
  • Adding new staff extensions does not cost her anything.

What do you think?