Example – Pete & Paul’s Plumbing

Pete runs a plumbing business with his brother Paul. He wants a local landline number but runs the business from his van. Pete and Paul are often stuck under sinks so can’t take calls. Pete knows it’s not good to miss calls because new customers just move on to the next plumber.

Here’s what Pete needs.

  • A local phone number.
  • A more professional image.
  • A way of reaching either his or Paul’s mobile (whoever is available) .
  • A way for both to collect information & voicemails from missed calls.
  • A way to prioritise emergency calls .

Here’s how CallBrix solved it for Pete.

With CallBrix Pete added a local Dublin number for the business so callers didn’t need to use his mobile number any more. A phone menu was connected to prioritise calls (press ‘2’ for emergencies) and give the company a more professional image. All calls will try Pete’s mobile, then move on to Paul’s if Pete does not pick up unless it’s outside business hours. Any missed calls will go to a professional voicemail which both Pete and Paul receive as an email attachment.


What Does Pete Pay

Only €10.98 per month plus any call forwarding costs.

That’s €4.99 per month for the Dublin number (the 0818 number is free) and €5.99 for the Callbrix service with 2 channel capacity. They pay a per minute fee if calls are forwarded to their mobiles.


Here’s some other benefits for Pete & Paul.

  • They run a flyer with a dedicated tracked phone number so they can measure flyer performance.
  • They can use a phone app to switch who’s ‘on call’ for emergencies.

What do you think?