Enhanced Congestion Management – Never Miss A Call

We’ve now enhanced the service so you can get email alerts or collect a voicemail if your CallBrix account is call congested.

Each account has a limited number of ‘channels’, at unexpectedly busy times these can max out. Previously callers would get a message with a default ‘lines busy’ message. Now we’ve revamped the inbound call handling and Number Block so you can customise the message played and trigger an email notification or voicemail. This means you will now know immediately if congestion hits and can quickly respond to and calls which don’t come through.

Here’s how it works.

We’ve added some new parameters to the Number Block called Overflow Message and Overflow Email. The overflow settings are used when the maximum line capacity is reached (inbound congestion).

You have 4 options with settings ;

  • If Overflow Message and Email are empty a default ‘lines busy’ message is played to the caller.
  • You can customise the congestion announcement by adding an Overflow Message of your own.
  • If you add an Overflow Email AND an Overflow Message a voicemail will be taken and sent to the email address.
  • If you set an Overflow Email only, then the default message is played and an email alert will be sent (ie. no voicemail collected).

Monitoring Congestion

Obviously email alerts and voicemails are a great way to be notified about congestion, but the best way to track congestion is on the Call Analytic page where it’s automatically graphed as Congestion – Inbound.

Reducing Congestion

If you find you have too much congestion overflow then you need to adjust your number of channels (call capacity).  You can increase line capacity from the menu Account > Supplements > Line Capacity.

What do you think?