5 Top Tips to Grow an e-Business

5 Top Tips to Grow an e-Business

5 Top Tips to Grow an e-BusinessThe main advantages of e-commerce over traditional form of business lie in the flexibility and the cost savings it offers the entrepreneur. Overheads like rent, rates charged on a commercial premises, insurance costs, parking etc. associated with the brick and mortar business model are either reduced or completely eliminated.


But there are other perks to be gained too, such as reaching a global audience easily; and significantly reducing marketing costs through effective online channels – email marketing, blogging, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing and affiliate marketing amongst other methods. Due to the relative ease of starting an e-business, it should come as no surprise that they are steadily on the rise. Below are 5 top tips to help you grow your e-business and get one step ahead of the crowd.


  1. Deliver a Clear Message


Have you ever visited a web page that either baffled or intimidated you? If you want your e-business to grow exponentially, it is vital you present a clear message to your customers about what you do, sell or offer. This is especially true if you are selling services rather than tangible goods.


Often technical or financial services can be hard to understand, often described in language that is very off putting. How your get your message across can make all the difference between gaining and losing potential clients. Ask family/friends who are not in the same line of business for critical feedback on your website. It’s free and can often prove invaluable.


  1. Look & Learn (from the competition)


Originality is a good thing but it does not necessarily mean that you have to reinvent the wheel! Check out competitive sites with a critical eye. Note what they’re doing well and where (if) they fall short. The trick here is to look at how leaders in your industry have presented their products and learn from them.


Ask yourself what steps you need to take to improve your own site? Would it help increase conversion rates by tweaking your web page layout? Are you clearly communicating a value proposition? How easy is it for your customers to buy from you? How good is your customer service? Every so often take the time to re-evaluate your website and think about how you can improve it.


  1. Keep ‘em Connected


A sizable viewership to your latest marketing offer or blog post is excellent but how many of these people are actually spreading the word? Do your customers – both active and potential – engage in conversation about your product/offering on social media or via word-of-mouth? Aim at creating useful content or run creative ads/competitions that will make viewers excited about sharing, commenting and having a discussion over your products.  


Pricking your audience’s interest and keeping them engaged is tough going but if you can succeed the rewards are multifold. One of the best ways to get people talking about you is to offer them awesome customer service. Answer their questions asap. Don’t delay with refunds or returns. Always be polite and courteous with an aggressive customer. Little things that can make a big difference in the long run.


  1. Up Your Google Ranking


How memorable is the name of your website? Will a potential customer remember it in days to come? A catchy unique name will give your business an edge and help you stick out from the crowd. Your targeted keywords should also be incorporated into your page titles and headers. Have pages with concise descriptions with full keyword rich URL’s.

Also, make sure your site is easy to navigate and offers a great user experience. 

These small measures will help your site rank better in search engines and have your products easily found by people searching in that category.


  1. Know Your Target Audience


Who are you trying to reach? Some factors that you should consider are – your target audience’s age group, demographics, socio-economic backgrounds, motivations and habits. Attempt to pique the curiosity of your customers and convert that curiosity into sales, initially through your site’s user experience, followed by great customer service. Make sure your e-business has a feature which allows customers to leave feedback. Customer feedback is a goldmine which you should use to improve your e-business.


Like any business venture, e-commerce takes time to gain momentum and yield profit. The above strategies are simple to implement and should undoubtedly improve your website’s performance and help you grow.  Good luck!!


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