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Callbrix is the ultimate phone call tool kit for entrepreneurs. It's designed so you can start solo with just a desk phone, then easily scale adding users, numbers, IVR menu's, call queuing etc.. Callbrix is quick to setup, easy to use and will have you up and running in minutes.

Simply put - It's the only call solution you will need, and it rocks!

  • No special hardware. Your call tool kit is in the cloud, do everything using just a web browser.
  • Works with what you have. Augment existing phone systems and re-use your existing desk phones or mobiles.
  • Fits all sizes. It's good for sole traders or teams. It's designed to grow with your business.
  • Custom to you. You just snap 'feature bricks' together in your browser to make the 'call flows' you need.
  • Simple to use. Start with a single 'brick' or build complex call handling if you need it. There's no writing code.
  • Elastic pricing. It's simple, rental depends on how many channels you set (simultaneous call capacity). Adjust whenever you like, your first channel is free.
  • All features. Super advanced features for every customer. There's no 'per feature' charge, you get all features no matter how big or small you are.
  • Extensions. There's no 'per seat' charge, add as many as you like. Use your existing phones or mobiles to take calls, use IP phones if you need to make calls.
  • Help and Support. We believe in simplicity so we give free support and lots of user guides and tutorials.
  • Business Intelligence. We have built in call analytics get a grips with your call performance.
  • Global presence. We can provide you with worldwide phone numbers, or you can port in your own.
  • We compared many products and were blown away by the power, price & simplicity ...

    Mike @
  • If Cloud Computing is the way forward, then these guys are leading the way with Cloud based PBX systems..

    Tim @
  • It's like some kind of black phone magic, we love it..

    Luke @