Enhanced Congestion Management – Never Miss A Call

We’ve now enhanced the service so you can get email alerts or collect a voicemail if your CallBrix account is call congested.

Each account has a limited number of ‘channels’, at unexpectedly busy times these can max out. Previously callers would get a message with a default ‘lines busy’ message. Now we’ve revamped the inbound call handling and Number Block so you can customise the message played and trigger an email notification or voicemail. This means you will now know immediately if congestion hits and can quickly respond to and calls which don’t come through.

Here’s how it works.

We’ve added some new parameters to the Number Block called Overflow Message and Overflow Email. The overflow settings are used when the maximum line capacity is reached (inbound congestion).

You have 4 options with settings ;

  • If Overflow Message and Email are empty a default ‘lines busy’ message is played to the caller.
  • You can customise the congestion announcement by adding an Overflow Message of your own.
  • If you add an Overflow Email AND an Overflow Message a voicemail will be taken and sent to the email address.
  • If you set an Overflow Email only, then the default message is played and an email alert will be sent (ie. no voicemail collected).

Monitoring Congestion

Obviously email alerts and voicemails are a great way to be notified about congestion, but the best way to track congestion is on the Call Analytic page where it’s automatically graphed as Congestion – Inbound.

Reducing Congestion

If you find you have too much congestion overflow then you need to adjust your number of channels (call capacity).  You can increase line capacity from the menu Account > Supplements > Line Capacity.

New Divert Call feature block

 We have added a new feature block Divert Call to facilitate simple diverts.

Sometimes you just want a ‘quick divert’ and using the User Extension block can be overkill, to facilitate this we’ve added the Divert Call block.  The block is quick to configure, it only requires you add the phone number you will divert to. In this case illustrated below when the number +35312345679 is called the mobile phone configured in Call Divert block will ring.


More information can be found in the documentation here.


Example – Sally’s Small Office

Sally runs a small office with 4 staff and needs a business phone system with an extension for everyone. Sally wants to be able do all the things you can do in a big firm like ‘hold calls’, ‘transfer calls’ etc..

Here’s what Sally needs.

  • An office phone number for reception.
  • A direct phone number for her which can reach her mobile when she’s out.
  • 5 desk phones in the office.


Here’s how CallBrix solved it for Sally.

Sally installed five VoIP (Voice Over IP) phones in her office and connected them to the CallBrix cloud. The phones work like any big office phone solution, with call hold and transfer etc.. She has 2 Dublin numbers, one directly to her extension, the other for reception which pages a group of extensions in the office.

What Does Sally Pay

Only €27.96 per month with 30 mins free calling every day.

That’s €9.98 per month for the 2 Dublin numbers and €17.98 for CallBrix with 2 channel capacity and 30 mins free calling per day to landlines. Sally pays for any calls which fall outside the bundle.

Here’s some other benefits for Sally.

  • Cheaper calls.
  • One of her staff works part time from home, she brings her desk phone home and it works as if it’s in the office.
  • Adding new staff extensions does not cost her anything.

Example – Pete & Paul’s Plumbing

Pete runs a plumbing business with his brother Paul. He wants a local landline number but runs the business from his van. Pete and Paul are often stuck under sinks so can’t take calls. Pete knows it’s not good to miss calls because new customers just move on to the next plumber.

Here’s what Pete needs.

  • A local phone number.
  • A more professional image.
  • A way of reaching either his or Paul’s mobile (whoever is available) .
  • A way for both to collect information & voicemails from missed calls.
  • A way to prioritise emergency calls .

Here’s how CallBrix solved it for Pete.

With CallBrix Pete added a local Dublin number for the business so callers didn’t need to use his mobile number any more. A phone menu was connected to prioritise calls (press ‘2’ for emergencies) and give the company a more professional image. All calls will try Pete’s mobile, then move on to Paul’s if Pete does not pick up unless it’s outside business hours. Any missed calls will go to a professional voicemail which both Pete and Paul receive as an email attachment.


What Does Pete Pay

Only €10.98 per month plus any call forwarding costs.

That’s €4.99 per month for the Dublin number (the 0818 number is free) and €5.99 for the Callbrix service with 2 channel capacity. They pay a per minute fee if calls are forwarded to their mobiles.


Here’s some other benefits for Pete & Paul.

  • They run a flyer with a dedicated tracked phone number so they can measure flyer performance.
  • They can use a phone app to switch who’s ‘on call’ for emergencies.

Example – Wendy’s Webshop

Wendy has a website where she sells garden gnomes in Ireland and the UK. Wendy knows the web is a wary place to shop; she wants to put a contact number on her website to increase buyer confidence.

Here’s what Wendy needs.

  • A phone number in the UK and Ireland.
  • A phone menu system that helps callers find what they want (press 1 for returns etc..)
  • To collect callers information and a voicemail, because Wendy does not actually want to talk to callers!

Here’s how CallBrix solved it for Wendy.

With CallBrix Wendy got two phone numbers, one for the UK and one for Ireland. Wendy connected the numbers to a menu with professional recordings giving her the image she wanted for her company. Wendy asks customers to use the website for support but she gives the option of leaving a voicemail which she receives as an email attachement. Wendy also setup a VoIP (Voice Over IP) phone which connected into her CallBrix cloud to give cheaper international calls.



What Does Wendy Pay

Only €4.99 per month plus any outbound call costs.

Wendy pays €4.99 per month for the UK number (there are no forwarding charges). The Irish 0818 number is free with her CallBrix account. She pays for any calls she makes with the VoIP phone she connected to the CallBrix cloud.

Here’s some other benefits for Wendy.

  • No forwarding charges for the UK number.
  • Call tracking she can use in targeted ad campaigns.
  • Cheap international calls so she can talk to suppliers in China and customers in the UK.

Example – Doctor Dans Surgery

Doctor Dan runs a small practice with two other GPs’. Doctors Dans surgery is in demand at unusual times, and of course he wants to provide his patients with exceptional service, but that’s tricky because of the unusual hours and nature of a surgery.

Here’s what Doctor Dan needs.

  • A phone line in the surgery for the secretary open at business hours.
  • A phone line in each GPs’ office.
  • A call queue for when the surgery is busy.
  • An after hours phone information menu so callers can select an appropriate service.
  • A method to route to the GP ‘on call’ outside business hours.

Here’s how CallBrix solved it for Dan.

Dan had four VoIP (Voice Over IP) phones installed in the surgery. He connected them to CallBrix cloud service. This gave everyone a personal extension with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an expensive office phone solution. A call queue was added for busy times plus a phone menu for out of hours information and diversion to the ‘on call’ mobile.

What Does Dan Pay

Only €22.97 per month which includes 30mins of free calls every day.

Thats €4.99 per month for the Dublin number, and €17.98 per month for CallBrix increased call capacity with 30 minutes of free national calls every day. Dan pays for all mobile calls and calls outside the 30 minutes bundle.

Here’s some other benefits for Dan.

  • He can change things whenever he wants with a few clicks.
  • All voicemails can be cc’d to his phone and PC for review via email.
  • Urgent calls can be recorded.

Example – Start-up Suzy


Suzy is starting a new business, she really needs to keep overheads down. She’s sometimes at home and often on the move. Suzy wants a dedicated business number that can follow her around.


Here’s what Suzy needs.

  • A low cost option.
  • A phone number that rings her home line, then her mobile if she’s out.
  • A professional work voicmail service.
  • A way to know the call is a ‘work call’.
  • Suzy is happy to use her mobile or home line for making calls, she’s not looking for an outbound phone line.

Here’s how CallBrix solved it for Suzy.

With CallBrix Suzy created two extensions, one for her home line and one for her mobile. Then she connected her extensions together and added a voicemail for when she can’t take calls. Suzy used the ‘whisper’ feature to recognise a ‘work call’. It took Suzy about five minutes to get set up, watch the screencast to see how easy it was.

What Does Suzy Pay

Nothing monthly, just her call forwarding costs.

Suzys’s CallBrix account is free and includes the 0818 number so she does not need to pay anything monthly. Whenever a call is forwarded to her home line or mobile she is charged a small per minute fee.

Here’s some other benefits for Suzy.

  • She can change things whenever she wants with a few clicks
  • She will have no headaches when she moves her business from home as everything is in the cloud.
  • She receives her voicemail to her email, so there’s no need to dial in.

Example – Henrys’ Home Office

Henry works from his home office. He needs to make and receive calls occasionally for work, but doesn’t want to give out his personal landline or mobile phone number. Besides, it wouldn’t look professional if the kids were answering the phone!

Here’s what Henry needs.

  • A phone line in his home office.
  • Forwarding to his mobile when he’s out
  • No disturbances after 6pm.

Here’s how CallBrix solved it for Henry.

Henry bought himself a VoIP (Voice Over IP) telephone for his home office, then set it up as a CallBrix extension. Henry set his extension so any missed calls would forward to his mobile. He then used a time switch brick to deal with calls after 6pm.

What Does Henry Pay

Only €4.99 per month plus any call costs.

There’s no cost for the CallBrix account or VoIP line. €4.99 per month is for the Dublin number. Henry pays for any outbound calls, that includes calls forwarded to his mobile.

Here’s some other benefits for Henry.

  • He can change things whenever he wants with a few clicks
  • He doesn’t need to pay any line rental.
  • He gets low cost calls.

Comparison of Cloud Phone Solution/PBX Providers Ireland

We know CallBrix is a great value option with total flexibility. 

Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship is what we like to do. So listen up those of you new to or doubtful of cloud telephony. The Callbrix plan is simple – you grow, we grow. And this is why you get all our amazing features even while on the free plan. Several of the same benefits cost significantly more with other cloud phone solution/pbx providers. We are confident that our cool product will convince you to stay on your own accord. Let us help make a difference to your business!

We took a look at the price/feature comparison for a 1 person business getting started with other *similar cloud/hosted solutions for all you skeptics out there (Comparison performed on 6/4/2017  – We did our best to make this as simple and accurate as possible, if you spot an inaccuracy do let us know). 

* We took phone solutions that could provide some of the same feature set as CallBrix, no two systems are alike and all have strengths and weaknesses. Callbrixs’ main strengths are it’s simple flexible call flow builder, no charge per feature,  no ‘per extension’ fee structure, no plans – we leave it up to the reader to weigh up the pro’s and cons of other systems. 


Cloud Phone Solution Providers Callbrix Magnet Goldfish Vomino Speechpath Irishvoip Blueface
Bundle Type:
Starting Package
Elastic – One plan only Magnet Voice Cloud Single User Voip Office Home Plan Business Call Plan Bronze PBX Business Starter Package
Cost FREE From €6 p/m per person €3.99 p/m €8.13 p/m €25 p/m €30 p/m €9.99 p/m
Bundled calls included NO, Landlies bundles from €6.99/Month NO NO, Landlines Extra €15.00 / Month YES,
Landlines & Mobile
NO, Pay As You Go NO,
Extra Extensions
YES, Free Yes
€6 p/m per person
NO. Upgrade to plan to Multi-User NO,
Upgrade to plan to Multi-User
1 line
Yes, free Yes €9.99 p/m
Dynamic Callflow builder YES NO NO NO NO NO NO
Call Forward to landline/mobile YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Smartphone Softphone App YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
International numbers YES NO YES NO YES YES YES
Call Analytics YES NO NO NO NO NO YES
Contract NO YES NO NO YES Monthly ??



Good for garage startups

Callbrix is good for garage startups.